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By zeiglertran80245777, Nov 28 2017 07:38PM

Happy late Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. With the holidays comes more driving for many people as they commute to see family or friends. That trip to grandmothers house can be ruined if your vehicle is not ready for the trip. Always do a safety check before leaving the house. That coolant is just as important during the winter as it is in the summer. Antifreeze keeps the engine cool and you warm. That heater doesn't work without it so make sure it's full.

Is your car making a funny sound or does it act up once in a while? Well don't wait till it strands you in the middle of nowhere, get it looked at before it causes big problems. That small tick sound can be a big issue in no time and leave you without a car.

As always, drive safe and happy holidays!


By zeiglertran80245777, Oct 25 2017 05:27PM

Ok folks, blogs are kinda new to us so bear with us on our learning curve. Our techs go to school to work on your cars, computer blogs... not their cup of tea. Matter of fact most of them don't drink tea, the coffee pot on the other hand, is always full.

Our goal for the blog is going to be keeping you up to date on the shop and thow in some tips and tricks to keep your vehicles in top condition. There are always those unavoidable things that happen when we least expect it and when that happens we are here for you.

With October almost over, Halloween next week and winter on the way, make sure you are prepared for bad weather driving. Always keep extra clothes, water and emergency supplies in your vehicles. Also check all your fluids, and make sure those tires have good tread and air pressure.

Drive Careful, Be Safe, and check back for more

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